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 Hi friends, beruby is great!!!

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Thanks Jairon! We are happy to have you as a part of our community!
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 Thaks Admin!
one question, for what  I have 1 add?  only beruby blog in pay to visit
Creado por Jairon Arana (5 comentario) más de 5 años
Hi Jairon ,

beruby US is intended for users residing in the United States, therefore, most of our offers and advertising on the web are directed to those users. beruby is however, constantly working to bring our users a wider range of advertisers from other markets. We sincerely hope that you feel comfortable using beruby US until we are able launch a specific site for your area. As far as how our website works and how you can make money, check out some of our blog posts which contain some great info and helpful tips for using beruby.

Here are some links to check out to get you started...

' 2011/07/25/the-beruby-expe rience/

Hope that helps you out a little bit more. Let me know if you have further questions! All the best —Tobi
Creado por Tobi (121 comentario) más de 5 años